UHPPOTE Electric Strike Door Lock - part request

I am surprised I had not heard of fritzing before since I have been working on custom home automation projects for Home Assistant since 2018. Thus, my first fritzing attempt seems to include parts that must not be very popular because I have not been able to track them down.

Anyway, I am keeping my parts requests separate, so this request is for a UHPPOTE Electric Strike Door Lock. Here is a link to the amazon page of the part I ordered and received (Last purchased Dec 12, 2020).

I would appreciate any help offered.

Thank you.


This should do what you want. Note there is no pcb view as it isn’t useful.

uhppote-electric-strike-door-lock.fzpz (3.3 KB)


Thank you very much, Peter. I really appreciate your willingness to help a noob, and I especially appreciate how quickly you are in offering such help along with a working .fzpz file.