Shortcut For Select Graphic in Parts Editor

I’m new to fritzing, using it to layout a control cabinet for a Solar Pool / Hot Tub / Radiant Floor Heating project.

When creating parts, is there a shortcut key to activate Select graphic button on the next available unchecked connector.

Would make matching the connector to the SVG’s way way quicker, ex. CTRL+G, see which connector is highlighted, click SVG element, CTRL+G, click the next as it likely pretty close to the previous one, would cut down on mouse movement by an order of magnitude or two. Hoping this already is implemented and I just cant find it documented anywhere.


I don’t believe so (with the warning I don’t generally use parts editor and so may be wrong.) The parts editor was not complete when development stopped in 2016 and so far the developers have not issued an update (although I believe there is a project ongoing.) I find it easier to edit the underlying files directly rather than fight parts editor. Instructions to do so can be found in this tutorial although it is not particularly easy. You are best off to run parts you create through (listed in the tutorial) as it will correct a variety of things that the svg editors do that Fritzing doesn’t like. You can also post questions here and one of us will generally answer (uploading the malfunctioning part’s fzpz file is the best bet to get help!)