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I created a couple of custom capacitors because I need a couple of them to be horizontally mounted on the pcb board. Typical electrolytic capacitors with both leads exiting the same end of the case, leads bent 90 degrees, so the cap lies flat on the pcb. So I created .svg files for the pcb view for my parts, with the copper holes and a silkscreen rectangle of the size capacitor’s case.

I used fritzing’s standard electrolytic capacitor and in the parts editor, I loaded in my pcb .svg file and changed some settings (capacitance/voltage), and saved new part. The new part works fine, but in the schematic view, the capacitance/voltage values that are usually displayed by the part’s label are missing. Right clicking on the label in schematic view brings up a menu where I can turn on display of those values. Save file and re-open, and the values are gone and have to be turned on again.

Is there anyway to turn on the display of these values so it’s default like the fritzing core parts?


Post the part file(s) here where we can take a look at them, and see if we can reproduce the problem. Upload icon is 7th in the menu at the top of the comment comment edit window. Which OS and Fritzing version are you using?

I did see a glitch recently where values from standard parts (like capacitor) did not display if they defaulted to being turned on, until the value was modified. I did not check what happens after save, exit, reload.

I’m using fritzing 0.9.3 on win XP. Here’s the file:

100uf_35v_Electrolytic Capacitor.fzpz (7.9 KB)

I did look thru the part’s .fzp text file thinking maybe default display values might be set somewhere in there, but no luck on that…

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I ran that through a checking/cleanup tool. It was quite clean. Mostly just reference file names no longer matched the actual file, which is not a fatal problem.

When I place the part, turned on labels, saved sketch, exited, reopened saved sketch, the enabled label properties where still displayed. I suspect that part of the problem is something left over from version 0.9.3b. I am running 0.9.4b. I do not know if there is a binary image for that available for Win XP.

To make the labels show by default, when a part is first placed, in the part definition (fzp) file, add a showInLabel="yes" attribute to the property element. See part properties documentation on the wiki.

    <property name="capacitance" showInLabel="yes">100µF</property>
    <property name="voltage" showInLabel="yes">35V</property>

Here is an updated version of your part with the minor cleanup and, and that enabled for voltage and capacity. I did not change the module Id, so to use it directly, you will need to delete the existing part from your parts bin.
100uf_35v_Electrolytic Capacitor.fzpz (8.4 KB)

EDIT: I also changed the text value for the variant property to just “horizontal”, without the “variant -” prefix.

I think, Making only a silkscreen instead of the Whole parts for “laying capacitor” is much easier…
Using core cap, lets you choose the value easily from Inspector…

You can try some of my silkscreen… 30 New & Edited Parts | #3
Part 86 to 91

So you are saying to use the standard core capacitor for the breadboard and schematic functionality, but have a separate part that has the desired pcb silksreen footprint, but no functionality?

That will work for this scenario. The only issue I see, is that the separate silkscreen will not stay attached to the actual part. Have to manually move the silkscreen any time the capacitor itself is move on the pcb view. Plus doubling of the silkscreen for the code capacitor part. Probably the silkscreen part can be design to add to the core part silkscreen, but will not be able to erase anything from that.

@microMerlin Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for:

I’ve browsed the wiki, but missed that small bit of info.

@Blue - thanks, I did look at your files and you have a good idea there. But really, I’d rather just create a part from core with the parts editor, swap the pcb .svg file and edit some metadata and done.

Thanks for the help!