30 New & Edited Parts | #3

Here more 30 parts, New & some Improved parts…

71. SCR (TO-220).fzpz (8.6 KB)
72. SCR (SOT-23).fzpz (6.8 KB)
73. Shunt 431 (SOT-23).fzpz (5.3 KB)
74. Dual Op-Amp (358,393).fzpz (10.9 KB)
75. Dual Op-Amp SOP8.fzpz (10.9 KB)
76. Single Op-Amp SOP8 (3140,741).fzpz (10.8 KB)
77. AC Supply (sub).fzpz (9.6 KB)
78. AC Supply 400.fzpz (8.0 KB)
79. AC Supply 300.fzpz (8.0 KB)
80. AC Supply 200.fzpz (8.2 KB)

81. Resistor 5W (ceramic).fzpz (4.6 KB)
82. Resistor 5W (wirewound) .fzpz (5.5 KB) (updated)
83. PCB Fuse with cap (new pin).fzpz (2.5 KB)
84. Diode (M7).fzpz (6.0 KB)
85. Bridge Rectifier (SO4,MDI,MDF) .fzpz (8.8 KB)
86. Silk - capacitor_5x6.fzpz (2.3 KB)
87. Silk - capacitor_8x12.fzpz (2.4 KB)
88. Silk - capacitor_8x16.fzpz (2.4 KB)
89. Silk - capacitor_10x13.fzpz (2.4 KB)
90. Silk - capacitor_12x21.fzpz (2.6 KB)

91. Silk - capacitor_18x34.fzpz (3.2 KB)
92. Capacitor 3300uF (18mm).fzpz (2.0 KB)
93. USB-A Male (New Terminal) .fzpz (7.5 KB)
94. USB-A Female (Stand 90) .fzpz (7.1 KB)
96. USB-A Male (New SMD) .fzpz (7.2 KB)
97. NPN (TO-3P) (BCE).fzpz (4.2 KB)
98. Diode - DO41_400mil.fzpz (1.5 KB)
99. Diode - DO201AD_600mil.fzpz (1.5 KB)
100. Diode - DO201AD_700mil.fzpz (1.5 KB)

Lots of them are provided by fritzing with wrong pitch (or maybe different variant), that I had to edit… Hope that will help someone…
If there is any error, problem, mistake… Please Let Me Know…

Batch File of 100 parts: (Latest & Updated) (5th May ‎2020)
my_parts (1-100).fzbz (774.7 KB)


I see you have made a lot of parts - thank you for sharing! :slight_smile:

I am a newbie on Fritzing, but not to electronics.

Thanks, I’m not a pro at electronics… It’s just a hobby…
But love to work in Adobe editors & design…
Love fritzing very much for its breadboard view and easy PCB making…
I tried Eagle for 15 mins, didn’t understand it, and then came back to fritzing…

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Awesome! Thank you, for all of your hard work!

Yes Eagle is a bit unusual, but when you get the hang it it is awesome.
One upon i time i was beta testing and feedbacking to development.
Now I leave it because Autodesk bought them.
I will probably be using KiCad most, with Fritzing for small projects that need breadboard prototyping documentation :slight_smile:

Yes, I think eagle is for professionals & industrial work… (good for making gerber file)
But, I basically home etch my pcb… & if get stuck due to missing part, I just make that quickly…
And Peter & old_grey helped me a lot to make new parts…

Well, it is much easier to make parts in Eagle, and they are immediately exactly correct :wink:
I also like the scripting, i.e i draw complex board edges by coordinates in a text file, i can also have coordinates for mount holes and connectors in text file that i just tell eagle to run when i have changed any location and i know everything get correctly set. I also like the command philosophy first select command, then select components to execute it on. (but that have been partially softened in later versions) It is very well documented. But yes it take some initial learning.

But it was now years sine i made a pcb, an I think for next serious project i will try KiCad.

With Fritzing i like most that there are three linked views: schema, mockup, and board :slight_smile:

I didn’t know that, I thought they don’t let users to make new parts…

Yes, I need some tutorials to work with it, first time it’s hard to understand without help…

Yep, that’s why I stick with Fritzing. I too haven’t made a board in a long time, these days I mostly hook together modules bought from Ebay :slight_smile: and Fritizng’s breadboard view is the only open source solution I know of that has breadboard view (there is an Autodesk product called tinkerbox maybe, but it is cloud hosted and not open source.) Plus Fritzing is fun to play with :slight_smile: !


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