RPi pico solder pads for castellations

I have the RPI pico part lib from RPF but the only option is THT. It there was a SMD option for the constellations it would allow much better routing under the pico (bottom side of pcb).
Anyone have any idea how to do that ? or work around the problem ?

The rpi folks didn’t want the SMD version of the part, but it is in this forum post.


I’m looking for something without THT: I want to solder the pico onto my my pcb just with the constellations. Like the image: https://cdn.sparkfun.com/r/600-600/assets/learn_tutorials/3/6/2/How_to_solder_castallated_via_tutorial-32.jpg


I will see if the Raspberry-Pi-Pico-smd.fzpz will do that for me

Sorry the text you forwarded was misleading. Raspberry-Pi-Pico-smd.fzpz seems to be exactly what I was looking for.
Thanks so much.