Resistor power label

Is there an easy way to turn off the power label on the resistor from core parts? My schematic has many resistors all of the same power, so therefore the power label is redundant and just makes the schematic look messy.

Normally, schematics have a note saying “all resistors 0.25W unless otherwise stated”. This leads me on to my second (& third) question; How do I change the font size in a note? The standard note font is massive compared to the font of the parts.

I noticed that right clicking in a note crashes Fritzing. Is this a known bug?

To remove the power from the resistors, you can try this:
Edit the resistor.fzp file in /core, and remove the “showInLabel=“yes”” from the powe property. Then, save and close the file, open Fritzing and regenerate the database (Parts menu → regenerate parts database). Close Fritzing and the changes should be there next time you open Fritzing.

Regarding the font size of a note, check Kjell´s post:

I did not manage to increase the size by copping from word, but it seems that he managed.

I cannot reproduce the crash in Firinzing 0.9.8 (official build, Windows). Open a bug report in the repository, I have not seen it reported.

I’m not sure about easy as it needs to be done for every resistor, but right click on the label and untick power in the pull down box will do it.

Yep, looks to be a bug. If I right click on a note in schematic on 0.9.8 on Win10 Fritzing indeed crashes.


If that does not change the default setting for “future” placed resistor, a variation is to do this one time, to set you preferred labels. Then duplicate that “correct” resistor instead of placing a new one from the parts bin. The duplicate will keep the settings from the original. Even more handy when a lot of resistors have the same value.

True. For that @fai 's suggestion is it. That will change the default values for the resistor in the parts repository (while making the repository no longer automatically updatable though!) so new resistors will not have the power label on by default and that may well be the preferred solution here. It would need to be redone every time there is a parts update though.


A late thought: you need to do this by editing the fzp file directly. The resistor is a bendable leg part and the parts editor will not deal with it successfully.


Ah! I’d not seen this drop down box before. I only right clicked on the component. You learn something new everyday!

I’ll have a play with the font size tomorrow.
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I still do after using Fritzing for 5 years :slight_smile: