[Request] Wanting to pay to get a few parts made

Hi there,

I’m willing to pay to get some parts made…

Payment to be made via Paypal, so please let me know cost/time before making the :slight_smile:

Do you only need the footprints to make a PCB.

There is a SOT-23 footprint in PNP and NPN transistor. The rest is just a swap to an IC for BB and SCH.

The other seams to be close to a Hall Effect sc70, it just need an extra middle pin. Plus the BB and SCH swaps as well.
CAV17 is a 10 pin version.

Yeah just the footprints to make a pcb, I wasn’t having any success in modifying the existing parts so thought i’d try find someone who knew more.

Search for SOT-23 - it should be a PNP and NPN transistor -, right-click on the icon and Edit part. Go to PCB and File/Show in Folder, and save that svg. Pull a std IC in a view and select 6 pin, right-click Edit and go to PCB. Then File/Load image and select the svg you just saved. You can muck around in Meta and give it the part#, then just save it as a new part and give it the IC name.

Thanks!! I’ve been trying to add the extra leg to Hall Effect and remove the common grounds.

I’ve managed to get the extra leg to show, but can’t seem to find where the grounds are specified/linked and where to specify that the extra leg is usable

Will see if I can find some tutorials as whenever I try save the part Fritzing seems to crash so i’m doing something wrong haha

EDIT: Have managed to get it working on my laptop, may have issues with my windows version of Fritzing!

Your best bet would probably be to post the .fzpz files of your parts here (7th icon from the left in the reply bar). Then one of use can have a look and fix it up for you if needed.


Mine also crashes sometimes when part editing, but only if there is more than 1 sketch window open.

To link grounds there is a little tick box under the connector assignment dialogue box, on the right.