Request Part: YK04 RF Receiver Module

Hi, I need help for this part YK04 RF Receiver Module as I cannot find it anywhere on the internet for Fritzing.

I had done the breadboard design (modified from existing) but I don’t know how to modify the Schematic and PCB part, so this is only useful for Breadboard as this is my first time doing this. I hope this helps anyone who needs and attached is for future reference.
YK04.fzpz (20.0 KB)

Welcome aboard (people willing to make their own parts are especially welcome :slight_smile: !) A good job on breadboard, it looks like parts editor bit you (the pins numbers are out of sequence which is a part editor bug) but over all very good. Here are a couple of tutorials on part making that apply to the latest version (most of the others are for older versions of Fritzging) in case you want to make more parts:

feel free to ask questions and/or for help in here as well, the documentation leaves a lot to be desired. As well here is a copy of your part with schematic and pcb fixed up:

YK04-improved.fzpz (7.6 KB)