Request for part : 12V LED Strip(common VCC+ type)

Hello. request for part as below :

[1]part name :
12V LED Strip

[2]part image,example and link :
(there is fritzing image on the link but there is no fzpz file. you can refer to image on this link)

(in this link you can see example of using this LED, with NPN transistor BC547.)

[3]reason for requesting :
in the real world, arduino 5V LED seems to not visible under daylight, at far distance

I want to make drone attachment device and it needs very bright LED can be recognized at very far distance.

someone need bright LED must use this LED because it is cheap and useful.

but when I searched the web I couldn’t find.

part on the web always use connector : GND,VCC,DIN,DOUT.

I need connector : VCC+,R(GND),G(GND),B(GND)

this kind of cheap LED always use common VCC, and change color(R,G,B) by GND.
so I usually use this LED with BC547.

thanks for this forum’s support. I already requested laser distance sensing module part and received very quick and accurate reply.

Sorry, I found the part model on this link :