Request - Arduino uno wifi Rev2

If anyone has this or has it in the works, please let me know.

As far as I can see from the Fritzing point of view this is identical to the current Uno part. Are there new connectors that I am not seeing? The only thing Fritzing cares about are physical connections, the wifi and the new IMU are invisible in Fritzing. At most it may need a change in label on breadboard which is pretty trivial.


I see it needs to have the second isc connector removed too, I will post a modified part in a bit.


Ok, took a lot longer than I expected and is somewhat ugly (there is a transform in silkscreen in pcb to make the path work), but this should do what you want. Even folks not interested in this part directly may want to download it and look over schematic. I re did schematic to match breadboard (i.e. schematic looks like the real board unlike the original Uno.) I intend on eventually replacing the all the Arduinos and the Raspberry PIs (the Zero is already done) with a similar schematic. This gives you a chance to complain if you don’t like it.

Arduino-Uno-WIFI-REV2.fzpz (28.6 KB)



thank you for your help