RAMPS 1.6 and XY-3606

Hi Everyone,
Do somebody know, where could I found at least one of these fritzing parts?

RAMPS 1.6 board

XY-3606 buck converter

There is a ramps 1.4 board here

there doesn’t appear to be a 1.6 version available that I can see. The power supply will need a custom part. I was going to say there isn’t enough information to make a part but I found a suitable flat image with a a google search.


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Here is the power supply part (because someone else wants it too and it is already done.) The Ramps 1.6 part will probably be up tomorrow or the next day.

xy-3606.fzpz (19.3 KB)

and finally the ramps 1.6 part. Note pcb is suppressed as not useful, and the pin labels match schematic (there is an incorrect mapping in the silkscreen document.)

edit: Oops, older version, if you have downloaded this download this version instead.

edit2: Correct X- and X+ labels (inverted), again if you have downloaded this you need to do so again and replace the part with this one.

edit3: More breadboard text changes.

ramps-1-6.fzpz (61.9 KB)


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Wow, You helped me a lot. Really thank You.

I’ve just discover mistake in RAMPS 1.6 schematic. Pins X+ and X- text should be in reverse order. Is it possible to fix it? Thank you in advance.

Done the part above has been replaced.


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Wonderful. Could you please also add “EN” label above pin 228 and “Vmot” below pin 278 to be consistent. Sorry for bothering you again.