RAMPS 1.4 PARA arduino Maga 2560

Alguém tem a ramps 1.4 projetada, por favor!!!

Uma pesquisa do Google para “fritar a rampa parcial 1.4” mostra pessoas que procuram uma parte, mas sem partes óbvias. Você (ou alguém) teria que fazer uma parte e parece ser um pouco complexo no sentido de que tem muitos conectores.


. excuse me ,could you get the models of ramp 1.4 board and 128*64 lcd display ?

There doesn’t appear to be a fritzing part for the ramps 1.4 board (although there are eagle files so one should be fairly easy.) A google search for “fritzing part 128*64 lcd display” turns up several parts, but you would need to check if they match what ever display you have, and if not provide a pointer to a data sheet for the display you want.


Here is a ramps1.4 part. It doesn’t have pcb (it isn’t useful, and has been suppressed), and doesn’t have the mega connections (although I have included the eagle2fritzing part below if someone wants to add the mega pins, which will be a lot of work.) You can drag one of the A4988 boards (one isn’t correct and won’t fit) over the pins on the ramps and it will mostly connect in schematic, but some of the bus connections don’t complete correctly (perhaps a Fritzing bug.)

ramps1.4.fzpz (45.4 KB)

and the eagle2fritzing version for the mega pins and bus configuration if someone wants to add them:

ramps1.4-eagle.fzpz (42.7 KB)