QIANJI JQC-3F, modification from Songle


I have modified the original Songle part to accommodate this relay. The pin diameter and position differs slightly from the original. I have produced some prototypes using this part and it has been working well so far.

I hope this “recycling”, and particularly me featuring as author, is not infringing any rights or feelings?

QIANJI relay.fzpz (14.8 KB)

Welcome aboard! Your part has a few problems.

In general you need to be obeying the under the CC 4.0 BY-SA, rules in this case that probably means a line like this as author in the fzp file

  author>Robert Oostenveld, Stéphane Passignat (modified by vanepp May 2021)</author>

where you leave the original authors in place but add a modified by line to indicate that you made the changes (although I am far from an expert on what is required under CC by SA.) That said on to the problems in your part. You are missing terminalIds and a label field

That causes the part to be misaligned in schematic and the wire to connect to the middle of the pin (and misaligns the part to the grid) The label field should probably be RY for relay rather than the default “part”. As well FritzingCheckPart.py has a number of complaints:

Warning 14: File
At line 48

terminalId missing in schematicView (likely an error)

Warning 19: File
At line 3

Height 54.212597 is defined in px
in or mm is a better option (px can cause scaling problems!)

Error 18: File

Connector connector3terminal is in the fzp file but not the svg file. (typo?)

svg svg.breadboard.jqc-3f_1_058681f3473df29594542efc29edc9a6_1_breadboard.svg.bak

Error 69: File
At line 17

Found a drawing element before a layerId (or no layerId)

are a few of them. This tutorial may help with correcting these errors

Your pcb svg lacks a silkscreen layerId and is in an old format (separate copper0 and copper1 it looks like hard to tell because of all the groups!) Hope this helps!


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Thank you very much. I must admit, my emphasis is and was not on the breadboard as I tend not to use it. When I get some time I will look closer at it. This is not likely to be in the next weeks though.

I do assume, there is no Fritzing part editor anywhere, allowing easy and partially automated creation and modification, as well as error checking?

Also, is there somewhere a proper documentation of the rules (not regarding copyrights/copylefts but actual specifications and rules for parts to be considered)?

Please consider me as a newbie on most aspects.

In a word, no. That said there is development ongoing on the parts editor which may make things somewhat easier but it hasn’t been released yet.

Again no, not really. The referenced tutorial points to all the documentation currently available (the graphics standards and fzp file format doc) but it currently is not well documented.


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