Possibility to add a background image to schematics window

It would be awesome if we could add a background image to the schematics window. It would make it so much easier to reproduce a schematic from a drawn sketch. You would need to be able to stretch the image so it more or less lined up with the grid. Of course it would be even better if we could do something similar with PCB images.

Something similar has been suggested in OCR Schematic recognization but this is without any OCR.

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Another great idea!

that could also work in PCB if you manage to rescale a picture of the bottom of a PCB the same resolution an fritzing. then use that bitmap as background in the pcb view

I hope the devs have time for these idea’s in the future

That’s actually already possible. Drag the “schematic image” part into schematic view (the little black on white fritzing logo). Then in the inspector, click on “load image file”.
Not sure how well this works with various kinds of image formats, but it could get you what you need.

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