OCR Schematic recognization

I’m not a developer or a programmer but i have an idea.
I think it would be very cool and useful if the fritzing could open jpg, png or other picture schematic files and it (fritzing) would recognised the parts and wires on the picture with an OCR engine .
After that you could use it like a semi-finished schematic layer in fritzing and you could repair the possible mistakes that the OCR messed up.


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:slight_smile: wonderfull idea. Even if it would be not fully working.

Even better would be PCB OCR. make an image of the top and bottom of a PCB and let OCR spit out a reverse engineered copy of an old PCB. A nice way to preserve, repair, replace, old electronics.

So a kind of SVG OCR that also can read component values etc from a picture.

What about asking your question here:

And I just bumped into thisone:
http://ocr1.sc.isc.tohoku.ac.jp/e1/ An online Ocrad based OCR server.

I hope this helps your idea going, but i leave honours to you to to drop your idea with them.

Good luck, i hope to see this one day!

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The PCB OCR is very good idea too.

I think it is easiest like the schematics OCR.

Maybe also have a look at inkscapes Trace bitmap option
Trace bitmap

This could just be enough to trace a singlesided PCB

I think it works with adobe illustrator too.
But i think if you put the vector image (from inkscapes or illustrator) into the fritzing you can’t edit the lines.
So it is good but not the best.
But I have never tried it out yet.