Pine-A64, ESP8266-12E/F, Arduino ZERO, and MKR1000 - New Fritzing Parts

My new Fritzing Parts!

Arduino Zero Microcontroller Board - Fritzing part: Arduino-Zero.fzpz (68.6 KB)

Arduino MKR1000 Microcontroller Board - Fritzing part: Arduino MKR1000.fzpz (38.3 KB)

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Simply put, YOU DO GREAT WORK!!! Thank you!!

ESP8266-12E/F with through hole/surface mount solder pads. - Fritzing Part: ESP8266-12e-tht.fzpz (29.0 KB)

ESP8266-12E/F with surface mount solder pads. - Fritzing Part: ESP8266-12e-smt.fzpz (28.5 KB)

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Pine-A64, 98mm Shield:

Fritzing part - Pine-A64 shield and pcb shape.

Pine-A64.fzpz (53.7 KB)

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Boy… someone has been VERY busy :slight_smile:

The new parts look GREAT


I’m making an open source app and I would like to use the Arduino Zero svg file on it. I want to know if I can reference this file for that.


Sure, you can do anything you want with it… :grinning:

Great! Thanks a lot!

Hello ! Thanks for these parts ! Amazing !
Just a note : It seems that the MKRZero has the same footprint, and is almost the same as the MKR1000. Except that it doesn’t embed the wifi module. I may be wrong, but it’s what I understood (from here :
Is there a chance you could create a variant of your part just to change the label, and maybe remove the wifi module from the breadboard view?
I don’t rely on these changes, as I’m using your MKR1000 part in my project, but I’m just asking as it doesn’t seem to be a big change for you to make (I may be wrong about that…), and you would probably do it way better than I could ever do, and it would make your part even more complete.
(If you need me to do something about it, please contact me !)
Thanks a lot anyway !

It looks like someone may have drawn the MKRZero Fz part but I couldn’t find the .fzpz. The form factor and pinout is the same… I would need to add the I2C port to the schematic and modify the breadboard view.

I had thought about taking some time to add some of the later more popular boards to Fz, just haven’t got around to it yet. These boards are like mushrooms, they seem to just popup all over the place. Everyone is in the Arduino and RPi board business now.

It looks like an interesting little board, it doesn’t seem to have quite caught on to the community yet. Maybe because it is still new or too much compensation. I will see what I can do in the next few days to start drawing up Fz parts again.


may i ask?? whats the different between two file? -tht -smt ? im noob . Thank u .

ok, nevermind, i googled it. Thanks for sharing.

The tht can be used as either tht or smt. You can surface mount or use headers and pins.

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