Paypal payment & paywall - Fritzing status

As mentioned in this thread, one is supposed to search for “paypal” on this site to find the explanation for why Fritzing now requires a donation. The problem is that (to me) this does not produce any links with explanation (yes - I read the 11 threads that show up and none of them seem to explain what’s going on). Most of these just complain about the lack of other payment options.

Given the history of the Fritzing project where all the money people paid was siphoned to someone, but not the developers - there needs to be a proper blog post on the website - not just a Paywall with a small note. The last Blog post is from February 2017 and this makes the project look dead. You really need to clear this up properly, not just assure us “all is good and just pay”. We need to know that the money is ACTUALLY going to the right people and that there is an actual crew behind the project now.

I am a teacher that have had my students use Fritzing to document their assignments. I have always recommended the project since it aligns so closely with how students work with a breadboad (so no need to understand Schematics). I can not ask my students to pay for Fritzing - unless the Fritzing team can take the 15 minutes needed to write up a blog post explaining the current structure, what went wrong and how you are fixing it. I’m really sorry to say this, but I cannot tell my students to pay to someone that just runs with the money (as has happened before). I know there are new hands on deck, but please give us a proper assurance that this is not just another way to take money without doing anything?

I really would love to see Fritzing flourish again!

Update: I have now paid to Fritzing - represented by Kjell Morgenstern. Based on that, I found a video on Youtube with the title " Fritzing - the past, the present and the future Restarting with 1100 technical issues" (I cannot post more than 2 links). This looks promising but I still stand by that an official statement should be made to instill trust. It’s great to see developers align to work on the code, but there is also a need for someone to communicate to the users in other places than github. I’m willing to shoot my foot and say that I can help on getting some outward facing communication going, so PM me if you agree and I can try to get the CMS behind the site going again? (if that’s the problem)

Good info to be found on github. com/fritzing/fritzing-app/issues/3443
More info on the start of the reboot github .com/fritzing/fritzing-app/issues/3435

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I second that there needs to be a new post on the blog about the restart of Fritzing and some info about it going forward. And not “sometime”, more like yesterday.