Parts Maker for Fritzing

Hello Everyone,
If You Have Any Parts That You Need In Fritzing You Have Come To The Right Place
I Will Make Completed Parts And Send Them To You Within A Week.

Looking Forward For Making Parts And Working With You

All I need Is The Datasheet Of That Part.

And If You Want to help me you can also make your own images
or just send me any image related to parts and i will try my best to make it like that.

Warning!! I Am Not A Profressional Parts Maker

Also My Parts Will Not Have A PCB Veiw

Just post them in Part Sub and the pros will look at it. Someone might also run the parts checker on it.

PCB view is dependant on the part. If it’s a proximity sensor I would just put a header in PCB with the same number of pins. If it’s some sort of PCB module that can fit on another PCB or shield, eg UNO, I would make the PCB view. If you are doing the BB view it should be an actual 1:1 part, so all you have to do is remove the parts off the BB view and turn the base in a stroke outline. Then just put the pads on that.