I am Having Problems While Making A Part

Whenever I Create A Part in inkscape i use the Font “Droid Sans” OR “ORC A”
The problem is that whenever i import the picture into fritzing it messes up the font

Here Is The Link

If it’s size it’s this.

Thanks For The Reply But Did You Check Out Link

Yes I looked but I can’t see what you mean.

Did you use the official FZ font download.

Yeah The Size Gets Messed Up

Yes I Downloaded The Templetes And Also The Fonts And Then Installed Them

Well then the vid tells you what to do.

Thanks A Lot
If You Need A Parts Just Visit This Link/ Check Out The Forum And Read The Instructions

One possible answer to wrong font size is that you are leaving the px on font size definitions. CSS (and thus Inkscape) require the px on a font size. Fritzing requires the px be removed. You can do so by editing the svg with a text editor and (usually) just delete all copies of px. You can also use the part check script which will automatically remove the px. This may well be what the doc that Old_Grey referenced tells you to do. Otherwise uploading the .fzpz file for the part (upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) would allow one of us to look at and correct the part for you.


Thanks I Have Aldready Done That And Sorry For The Very Late Reply

Use Droid Sans or OCRA. Must make it into a Path for it to correctly size in Fritzing.

For all fonts, or only anything other than Droid Sans and OCRA? I thought that Fritzing handled those 2, as long as they did not have units on the size attributes.

I use version 0.9.3 so, can’t comment on other versions.

Fritzing will change whatever font used to Droid/ocra (a message will pop up saying so).

All I can say is this: If I don’t make the text into a Path, the size is about 20% of what it should be.
If I Path the text, it’s correctly sized. I’ve done this a zillion times, usually because I forget to path it.

Do some experiments on Droid-Sans, OCRA and others - see what happens…

Not having the units, ie, removing the px in the XML, is preferred because it’s easier to change text at a latter date, ie, when you make it into a different part, but yes you can make them paths and they stay unchanged when you bring them into FZ EDIT.