Parts help template


Since this category is mostly used for requesting Fritzing parts, I added a template for this. The idea is to guide users in providing the information that we usually need for a Fritzing part, and also to encourage preparing some basic research and including previous work.

Below is the first version of the template. Should we add or remove anything?

Name of the part

Previous work, similar parts
In case there are similar Fritzing parts, or you already started work, please link it here.

Top view
This picture shows the part from above, so that is easy to see were connectors should go, and which diameter they have.

Foto or vector graphic, no links here please.

The official documentation of the part manufacture is linked here:

Please add a link to PDF of the manufacturers datasheet

I did not read this
Breakout board, sub assembly, plug in module (A)
Antenna (AE)
Battery (BT)
Capacitor (C)
Diode (D)
Display (DS)
Fuse (F)
Hardware , mounting screws, etc. (H)
Jack, fixed part of a connector pair, header (J)
Relay (K)
Inductor, Coil, Ferrite bead (L)
Loudspeaker, Buzzer (LS)
Motor (M)
Microphone (MK)
Plug, moveable part of a connector pair (P)
Transistor (Q)
Resistor (R)
Thermistor (RT)
Varistor (RV)
Switch (S)
Transformer (T)
Integrated Circuit (IC)
Crystal, Oscillator (Y)
Zender diode (Z)
Other (please specifiy)

E.g. SOT23-5 , TO-220.
This usually does not apply to breakout boards.

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I like this. I requested for the first time yesterday and I looked to see if there was a formal process and did not see one so just mimicked other successful requests as best as possible.

Maybe this is drifting slightly off the primary intent of this thread, but I’d also be really happy if there were a few more things in there, that are maybe to be ‘completed by the developer’, to help identify a consistent way of choosing appropriate values for things like the label, variant and package for a part. That information would help those who want to have a go themselves, if not those who are simply requesting a part (and may not really care, or be in a position to choose how those parameters are set).

There is a discussion about that subject over on github going on (very slowly, there hasn’t been an update since last August, I am as guilty as anyone for not poking at this …) among some of us here:

which is probably a better place for this particular discussion. It is a complex subject and likely to take a long time to settle out to a place where progress can be made.