Parts Editor Not Importing SVG With Right Colors

I am working on a board for fritzing. I’m using inkscape to make the board. Most of the pieces of the board I got from other boards found in fritzing. I changed the colors of some of the pieces and put the board together. When I group all the pieces together and export the board as an SVG, it saves fine. But when I import the SVG file to the fritzing parts editor in the breadboard section, some of the colors I changed go back to default, and my gradient color disappears. Can anyone take a look at this for me? I have attached the .svg file. Thanks!
SVG File

Fritzing doesn’t support (nor will it render AFAIK) gradients. It only supports the Svg tiny subset. The svg needs to be saved as plain svg in Inkscape as well and it needs a single group enclosing the entire svg with the label breadboard. This is a corrected svg which may work better. If it doesn’t upload the .fzpz file of the part from the parts editor by Fie->save as new part (upload is 7th icon from the left in the reply menu) and I will have a look at what is going on.

PAM8406 Audio Amplifier-fixed

(to download the svg right click on it and select save image as.) Note I ran this svg through in order to remove various things Fritzing doesn’t support (mostly px in font-sizes but other things as well.) This tutorial may help you as well: