Parts Creator: Issue with breadboard view

I have created my own PCB in Kicad. I want to use it in my Fritzing connection diagrams. Now I’m working in the parts creator. I have two issues which may be related:

  1. in the parts creator - breadboard view, there is a rectangle object covering most of my board. It block me from making connections. I would like to get rid of it. I can’t find it in CorelDRAW. I did find and delete some other stray objects in Corel - that was cool. But, I just can’t find this stoopid rectangle
  2. When I drag my new part into an fzz design, the graphic that shows up is a great big red rectangle.

I hope someone can help - I REALLY want to get good at creating parts for Fritzing!!


Dave’s Custom feather.fzpz (21.6 KB)

The red rectangle in breadboard indicates that the connectors are not correctly defined in the .fzp file.

looking at the breadboard svg file in Inkscape the connector definition doesn’t appear to match the .fzp file

the .fzp file starts at connector0 and increases (as it should) but that doesn’t match the svg (and it must.)

    <connector type="female" name="VBAT" id="connector0">
          <p svgId="connector0pin" layer="breadboard"/>
          <p svgId="connector0pin" layer="schematic" terminalId="connector0terminal"/>
          <p svgId="connector0pad" layer="copper0"/>
          <p svgId="connector0pad" layer="copper1"/>

I ran the part through which outputs a lot of complaints including this one which will likely be the cause of the red rectangle in breadboard: The first error indicates you have no breadboard layerId (which is a group that contains the entire svg with the id “breadboard” which needs to match the id in the fzp file here (and when not present will prevent the part from exporting as an image which is why it is an Error rather than a warning):

      <layers image="breadboard/Dave_custom_1be7682eb1d9ad8c99bc25c3c9abe9dd_4_breadboard.svg">
        <layer layerId="breadboard"/>

Error 69: File
At line 10

Found a drawing element before a layerId (or no layerId)

these Error18 messages will be why the red rectangle in breadboard.

Error 18: File

Connector connector0pin is in the fzp file but not the svg file. (typo?)

svg svg.breadboard.Dave_custom_1be7682eb1d9ad8c99bc25c3c9abe9dd_4_breadboard.svg.bak

Error 18: File

Connector connector1pin is in the fzp file but not the svg file. (typo?)

svg svg.breadboard.Dave_custom_1be7682eb1d9ad8c99bc25c3c9abe9dd_4_breadboard.svg.bak

This tutorial may help (it points to where may be obtained as well) to figure out how to make parts (which is quite complex!)

I will note that despite the name, will modify the svg files (storing the original svg in svgnqme.svg.bak) as someone complained about that recently. If the tutorial doesn’t help feel free to post your questions and I will help as we need more people making parts (it is currently mostly me.)


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OK, I made a working part (with a new moduleId so it will load beside your current version.) I don’t know what most of the pins do so I set the ones on the feather to their name in the feather docs, and your additional ones by their position. You may need to check the hole sizes in pcb as I left them at what you had set and some of them are a somewhat odd size. You should be able to just change the names in this part (and probably add bus definitions as I removed them all!) to do what you want. I created a new schematic using Randy’s Inkscape extension (which won’t do you much good since you appear to be on Coral Draw it looks like.)

Dave_s_Custom_feather.fzpz (10.5 KB)


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