Part Request: AC encapsulated transformer

i would like to ask if an encapsulated transformer could be added.
I would like to have a small 220v/50hz small size transformer, so i could power up a microcontroller from AC line safely and avoiding hazardous solutions like droppers or st-viper and coil switching circuitries.

i remember fixing for a hairdresser a small Wahl Sterling clipper, a white one whose light had a red and a green led that changed color when charging and used one of those transformers, something like that is what i am needing, they use to be very small yet able to use AC power without any sort of switching circuitry.

It doesn’t have to be strictly what is in the picture, i just pasted it as an idea of what i wish to use. It only had 2 pins for AC grid and other 2 for, around 3v ac, it used to be off the size or a relay if i do not misremember.

We would need a data sheet with dimensions and connections to do anything useful. Or this already made part may be enough for what you need