Oximeter MAX30102 (RCWL-0530)


Someone has this part? max30102


Ms google says it should be here:


but the link to it doesn’t work. You might try asking the person that owns this site for the part (and point out he or she could post his parts here in the forums.) If that doesn’t work out it would be easy enough to make a new part, it is not overly complex (but I’m lazy and this person’s parts have usually been good quality.) Oh, Ms google said this in response to the query “fritzing part Oximeter MAX30102 (RCWL-0530)”

edit: I read the omnigatherum site more closely. It appears he only does breadboard, for his use and full parts are on an on request as time permits basis. That means there doesn’t appear to be this part available now so I’m in the process of making one…


OK, here is a part for this module. The mounting holes may not be quite correct since this was created from a jpg of the board, so if you could print out the pcb footprint and check (and correct by providing the correct x/y coords and diameter of the mounting holes that would be appreciated. I grabbed the jpg of the board from this site:

which suggests many of the boards are incorrectly built. It would be a good bet to read the article and check your board to see if it needs fixes.

MAX30102-module.fzpz (8.6 KB)