Non listed part R13-507

i can find the part R13-507 in the parts list

i would really like this part to add to my pcb

This is likely as close as you will come.

The part you reference isn’t set for pcb use it is intended to use wires and thus should do as the parts above have pads for wires. I would guess your switch is the NO type, but if not there is a NC version as well.


the pins on the r13-507 are flat so they would not fit a pcb

Correct, so you would need to connect a wire to the switch and run the wire to a pad on the pcb which the listed parts have. It is possible to make a part with a 3mm hole that would take the pin of the switch but it wouldn’t have much mechanical strength and thus likely fail.


so it is possible a rectangle shape would be better is this something you could ? the part wouldn’t be under a hight mechanical strength no more than it would be wired in due to the locking nuts

The easiest solution is to run a wire from the switch (which is presumably held by the locking nut on the front panel) to to pad on the pcb which the listed switches support. As of Fritzing 0.9.10 slots are possible in parts, but I haven’t yet done one and the listed switches as noted have pads for wires. If you want the switches to be dis connectable you can use 0.1in headers (I don’t know of hand if the pads are set for 0.1in headers but they may be) to allow the switch to be connected to the pcb via the headers.


ok i will take your advice and rethink my idea