Nokia 5110 LCD display

An improved version of the Nokia 5110 LCD display module originally by Rafa G. The breadboard view is awesome, but there was no schematic and no outline on the PCB view. There is also another part in the projects area, but it turns out the breadboard view is a png file and thus not editable. On this version all 3 views are
present (breadboard, schematic, and PCB) with PCB having both the outline and the position of the mounting holes on the silkscreen (and the hole size set to .038in to accept .1 inch connectors which are the standard connect for the breakout boards). To actually get the mounting holes in the PCB you would need to drag a hole part from core pcb view over the pad on the silkscreen and set the hole size appropriately.

(Edit: as with most of my parts so far this one has a problem: it loads the first time but won’t reload when saved in the parts bin. A new version which seems to react better).

Nokia_5110_LCD.fzpz (26.5 KB)


Hey @vanepp, thanks a lot for your improved version. I’ve been looking for this one around, however I’ve got a blue version instead. Based on your work, I modded the pinout, color, and sch layouts to match up with the blue one. Here it is. Cheers.

Nokia_5110_3310_LCD_BLUE.fzpz (17.6 KB)

It would be better to run it through parts-editor to create a new part (at present you can only load one or the other) and pcb looks incorrect. The connector isn’t on .1 boundaries unless this is a new module with 2mm connectors.