Nice piece of work...unless you need to create special parts

Fritzing is great if you need only parts that are already available. If not, creating custom parts is cumbersome because the tutorial refers to an old version of the software because “how you use Fritzing’s parts editor have completely changed” .
Please, make a tutorial which is usable with the new version of Fritzing.

Parts creation is unlikely to ever be easy. When development stopped around 2016, parts editor was not finished (and is the same today.) These three tutorials apply to the current version of Fritzing (as you point out, most of the rest are for older versions, although parts creation has not changed all that much.) I prefer to not use parts editor as it is only useful for a very small part of parts creation and has a number of bugs. The current tutorials are here:

The reason there aren’t more of them is because no one has written them. At this point most of the people I learned parts making from are no longer posting here, which is why I have begun documenting what I have learned from others so that knowledge is not lost.