New part! Catalex Serial MP3 Player v1.0

This component has been around for some time and is pretty common. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a Fritzing part for it… until now! This is my first part and now that I figured out how to put it all together, I’ll be sharing more.


Welcome aboard! Great first part, only a few minor errors, in schematic terminalIds on the pins are missing causing the wires to connect in the middle of the pin rather than the end (as they do in breadboard):

and the hole size in pcb is a bit too small. Typically a .1 in header hole is 0.038 in where yours are 0.035in in the drill.txt file in gerber output:

Untitled Sketch_drill.txt


to fix that (assuming you are using Inkscape as your svg editor), the easiest way is to use xml editor and change the radius from 27.5 to 29 (since your part is already the correct scale and that makes this easy!) The advantage to changing the radius is that it will leave the x/y coords as is and increase the circle at the center of the radius. In Inkscape the hole radius is set by the formula

hole size = pad diameter (0.35 in in this case) - (2 * stroke width (20 thou in in this case, modulo floating point round off :slight_smile: ) ):

You can also do it by changing the W and H parameters in the top tool bar from 0.035 to 0.038, (which will offset the pad in x and y making its position incorrect) and noting the new radius (29) then undoing the two coordinate changes and setting the radius in xml editor to the new value (which leaves the x/y spacing correct as noted.) Happy to see more people making good parts!


Thanks for your comments. They are very helpful. I think the outline for the PCB view is a bit too thick as well. I agree on using a 0.038" hole for a header. This was for a pre-made part, however, and the PCB view was really only intended to see ratsnest lines. I have made the change as you recommended as someone may choose to mount the part on a board and copy the pads/holes to a pcb to be manufactured. A staggered header footprint (like Sparkfun uses) may be better for hand assembly though. I hope this thread may prove useful for others as well.

Serial MP3 Player v1.0.fzpz (31.3 KB)

P.S. Couldn’t edit the original post to update the file so added it to this comment.