New Board Request:

Hello all,
I am super new to this, but I noticed somewhere that people could ask for a board to possibly be implemented into Fritzing? If so, how would I go about doing this, or could you point me in the direction of some VERY beginner friendly tutorials that would help me do this?
I can also provide a schematic, a dimensions diagram and pinout sheet on this board. Oh and btw , the board in question is the RobotDyn SAMD21 Mini (the Arduino M0 compatible one).
Let me know how to proceed, and I will most definitely get started!!

sorry for this, I think that I am going to try and do this myself! yay me lol. I couldn’t figure out how to delete the whole post though

There don’t appear to be any fritzing parts around (a google search for “frtizing part RobotDyn SAMD21 Mini” comes up with several boards but no fritzing part.) If you have the Sparkfun one there are probably eagle files available which makes things easier somewhat. If you want to make your own part these tutorials are for the 0.9.3b version of fritzing (most of the others are for older versions):

Parts making is quite complex, but feel free to ask for help and/or for one of us to make a part (although we would need to know which particular board you want.)


Thank you! I’ll get on it! Although, this board has a few more pins than the one from SparkFun, and it is allegedly 100% compatible with the Arduino M0 Pro. I do know that I can upload (at least a blink and a few other simple ones) some sketches that were made for the M0 Pro (in the Arduino IDE), so I think that this allegation is true.
I do have the schematic and dimensions sheet and pinout sheet for the board.
I think the one problem I am going to have (almost for sure) is creating the individual parts like the SAMD21-G18 chip and the other little parts on the board. I of course can follow the schematic to connect all of the pieces, but yeah.
Thanks again! As soon as I wake up I’m getting on this!


here is a pinout just so you can get an idea of it:

that appears to be function compatible not form factor (the arduino board looks to be UNO format not mini and the debug connector is in a different place.) I would start by importing and scaling the jpg file above in to inkscape (as is done in the last tutorial listing) and copy connectors in. The various chips can be copied from other parts in Inkscape easily, the important parts are the connectors which need to start at connector0 and match in all three svgs (breadboard, schematic and pcb.) You also need to bus ground and probably some of the isp / debug connectors since they will share pins. Feel free to post your fzpz file and I will have a look at it.


Did this get completed?

I’d be grateful for the files as I want to use this board in one of my projects and can’t find any Fritzing files to suit.


While I don’t know for sure, I expect he has discovered that making parts is complex (it took me around a year to learn to do it.) and it likely isn’t done yet. I can make a part easily enough though, which may help both of you.


Now that would be fantastic!

I’m not brave enough to even try :slight_smile:

Yeah, it is definitely more complex than what I was expecting it to be. With the little knowledge that I have on the base topic (electronics and circuits) and trying to learn how to implement things in software both combined… it’s something that may take me a bit to do haha.
I am still around however… :slight_smile:

If you want to keep trying parts creation (which I highly encourage) this will give you a reference part to aim for, as well as a part to use for now. For most purposes it will be fine, but pcb is almost certainly wrong in the placement of the ICSP and debug connectors as the mechanical drawing I found didn’t have coordinates for them. They are there, they just probably won’t connect to the real board (although you are not likely to need them in pcb either.)

robotdyn-samd21-m0-mini.fzpz (15.5 KB)