Needing to convert a .jpg to .fzb or fzpz format?

Im needing to convert a standard .jpg to a .fzb format so I can import it into my fritzing project?

Doesn’t need to be all fancy just need a standard pic to give examples on how to hook up.

I thought I had seen somewhere that you could take a pic in photoshop or one of the other editors and change it to work with fritzing?

Thanks for any help!!


.jpg is a bitmap (raster) format. What Fritzing uses is .svg, a vector format. So you need to do raster to vector conversion, outputting as svg as the first step. The svg can then be extended, to add the connectors that allow Fritzing to know where wires can be connected. That can finally be turned into a Fritzing part file (.fzpz) That can be loaded and used as part of a sketch (.fzz).

There are many tools that will do the raster to vector step. Some more automated, some needing a lot of manual input. The quality of the output can vary a lot, and can depend on choices when starting. About things like the level of smoothing to use.

There are likely Fritzing parts available for many common PICs a google search for Frtizing part pic turns up this one:

if you need another one you can either use a generic IC from core parts (you can specify number of pins and pin spacing in inspector) or ask one of us to make a part for you. Making parts is fairly complex and probably not worth learning for a single part.


I just remembered that there is also a way to embed a bitmap image inside an svg, so no raster to vector conversion is needed. That will give the “best” picture, but bloats the svg file horribly. Like 10 to 100 times (maybe more) the size it would be with proper vector graphics.