Creating a new part PIC16F887

Hi all,
I am trying to create a new part for the library, the PIC16F887, unfortunately I have some problems, can somebody help me enhancing the quality of this part, I added description
of pins and redesigned the breadboard and the PCB view and icon but I have problems with schematic
I attach with this post all the SVG files (breadboard, schematic, icon, pcb) and the data-sheet of this micro controller

thanks in advance for your help
PIC16F887.fzpz (103.4 KB)

PIC 16F887 icon

You have a number of problems, I expect mostly from where you started out. Your schematic svg is unpopulated which is why its blank, breadboard looks mostly ok but the chip label is in the wrong spot. How I would approach this is to start again. Start fritzing and in the core parts bin drag a generic ic (the first one in ICs) in to breadboard. That gives you an 8pin ic, so select the IC on breadboard and in inspector (bottom right window) change pins from 8 to 40 and pin spacing from 300 to 600. That creates a basic generic IC of the correct size and shape (and produces a generic schematic with all the appropriate pins just not the right labels which fixes your current schematic problem). It also creates a correct pcb view (your current one has a problem of some kind on one of the pins). With that done, click on the new IC then edit (new parts editor) to edit the IC. In the metadata tab enter all the metadata (you name as author a title such as PIC16F887 change chip label in properties from IC to PIC16F887 so it will replace the labels in the views. Add a Tag fo r PIC16F887 and change fritzing core to contrib. Now you can either continue in parts editor and edit the names of the pins to match the data sheet or (as I usually do) use file->save as new part to create your basic part in the mine parts bin then exit parts editor. Click on the ic in the mine parts bin (which you will note has an 8pin icon still, we will correct that later). Right click that and export part will create an fzpz file of your new part. Exiting Fritizing and unzipping the fzpz file will get you the fpz file and associated svgs for your new part. Now you can use an svg editor to modify the svgs (and if needed, which it shouldn’t be in this case, a text editor to change the fpz file). When you have finished your changes, copy the breadboard.svg file to the icon.svg file (using the correct file names though). That will change the icon from the 8pin dip to the 40 pin with the correct name (rather than IC). The same thing can be done in parts editor by selecting icon then file->reuse breadboard image.


Hi Peter,
Your reply help me a lot thank you very much
I exported the PIC16F887 as new part, could you please take a look to the SVG files
PIC16F887 v.2.fzpz (11.1 KB)
Thanks again

Always happy to help people make new parts, it benefits us all :slight_smile: . Since I assume you aren’t (yet at least) familiar with Inkscape to edit svgs (you will need to learn if you want to make more parts though) I edited the schematic svg for you. Basically I ungrouped it all to allow me to move the pin 21 through 40 side of the chip a fair way to the right to allow for the long pin labels. That done I increased the width of the enclosing rectangle to match. Then with the PIC data sheet open in another window I selected the pin numbers inside the rectangle one at a time and did a copy/paste from the data sheet to the svg to set the pin labels on each pin to match the data sheet. As a final step I added lines to the 3 or so pins that the line to indicate negative true in the label matched the data sheet (since the copy/paste only copies the text). Finally I did an edit select all and group and renamed the resulting group to schematic and did a resize document to page and saved the svg. Faster to do than type this explaination :slight_smile: . As well I changed the label field in the fpz file (essentially the metadata from parts editor) to change label from PIC16F887 to U so the instance number of the chip in schematic changed from PIC16F1 (apparantly it turncates at 6 characters) to U1 which is more usual.

PIC16F887 v.3.fzpz (12.2 KB)

You might want to verify the schematic chip labels against the data sheet to make sure I didn’t screw any of them up in the copy paste :slight_smile: .


Hi Peter,
Thanks a lot for your help, yes I am not familiar with the Inkscape
I have made a youtube video explaining how to make new IC, but unfortunately I haven’t added the final step of schematic editing so I name it Part 1
I hope I haven"t missed another step, this is the link (A picture is worth a thousand words):

I will edit the video after receiving some comments, it is with great pleasure if you want to contribute since you are familiar
Thank you again Peter without your contribution this work will not be achieved
I will upload the PIC16F887 to new part forum

This will teach you both FZ edit and Inkscape all in one hit.

Hi Old_Grey,
Thanks for sharing, I see them all, now I have an idea, how to use inkscape and how to create new parts
thanks a lot, I hope my video doesn’t contain errors or I will delete it