Need Some Custom Parts Made

Hi folks,

I need 3-4 custom parts made for a project. I tried contacting Fritzing directly about their parts creation service but I never heard back from them.

Nothing too crazy, but I need a SMD 4N35 optocoupler, SMD MCP23017 port expander, and 1-2 Mini JST connectors. I just don’t have the time to do it myself at the moment. Please reply to this thread and we can take it from there. Thanks!

Although I’m not aware of an announcement, I think the parts making service has died (along with development) as the last person to try some months ago also got no response. In any case I think probably most of your parts exist unless you need odd cases. The 4n35 should be served by:

unless it is a different smd case. There are a couple of MCP23017 parts around I’d start with adafruit’s as likely being the best quality , possibly not smd but that is a minor change if you specify what package you are looking for.

edit: On looking at it, the adadruit one isn’t a good choice. Use this, modified from a part someone posted some time back. This is soic28 if you want something different we would need to find or create a footprint.

MCP23017-smd.fzpz (9.7 KB)

The answer in this post likely also will do for you unless the pcb silkscreen is too different, again an easy change if so.


Hey thanks for all this! I’ll try to go through it all tonight to see if it’s what I need.

The last piece of the puzzle. The 4n35 looks to be really old, the smd case I could find (this one is the On Semi one, but the lite-on appears to be identical are on .1 pitch (SMD is usually 0.065 or 0.05 pitch). As a bonus Inspector switches between this and the through hole version.

Optocoupler-smd.fzpz (8.0 KB)


Thanks very much. This all seems to work for except one thing. I need 2 and 3 pin JST (through hole is actually fine in this case) a 1.25mm pitch, like these:

I messed around with the various pulldown menus as described in the other thread, but I wasn’t finding 1.25mm pitch. 1mm was the closest I could get, which seems much less common.

Don’t see them as through hole anywhere, but the pico blade smds may do you. In the search bar in the parts bin enter pico blade and the series will come up. If they won’t do you will need a custom part.

edit: It is your lucky day. I happened to need an example of a sub .1in pitch part and these at 1.25mm pitch fill the bill nicely, so we both get what we want:

Micro JST 2 pin.fzpz (7.7 KB)

Micro JST 2 pin-altbb.fzpz (7.1 KB)

Micro JST 3 pin.fzpz (8.4 KB)

Micro JST 3 pin altbb.fzpz (7.3 KB)

There are 4 rather than 2 because I needed alternate breadboards, one with an SMD adapter plate with connectors on .1in pitch (even though these aren’t SMD) and one with the just the connector on 1.25mm centers. They are otherwise identical, so use whichever suits. The holes in pcb are 0.020in, the pin is shown as 0.035mm (0.00138in) however given the source the hole may not be the correct size. I would advise ordering the smallest/ least number of boards you can with just a connector on it to verify the hole size before committing to a more complex board (or find a 0.02in drill and see if it will fit the part). The pad is oblong to give at least some room to solder (the width is the recommended SMD width).


Whoa! This is great! Thank you!! May the universe reward you for your kindness.

So it’s cool to ignore the design rules warning in this case because it’s like a hybrid smd/tht part?

Sort of, drc is complaining because there is only 24 thou clearance between the pads, but the board houses can actually get down as low as 8 thou although they are happier with 10 to 12 thou, so yes it should be fine. You can adjust the drc rules to eliminate the warning if you like.


Oh, cool. Didn’t know I could do that.