Need help on rocker switch

hello everyone,

I’m looking for rocker dpdt switch (6 pins) in fritzing but had no luck finding it. I’m going to solder this switch onto my pcb. can someone help me with the part or create a new one for me if it isnt available? i’m attaching pictures for reference.
WhatsApp Image 2023-11-16 at 13.19.22_e51816fa

This post is likely as close as there is


Hello Peter, do you have the exact same one as the image above? I can’t take the one with a different look. Thanks

This is as close (and it is SPST not DPDT) as exists at the moment.

in general since switches come in infinite forms it isn’t worthwhile making custom parts for switches in most cases.


Hi, what about this ya? You have any idea? Need help on rocker switch up down