Need a Momentary 6 Pin DPDT Button On/Off/On Rocker Switch

Has anyone made the following switch?

This is likely as close as any we have.

It is toggle rather than rocker but you can replace the breadboard svg if you wish.


hi, can you help me to made the rocker switch with 6 pins? idw smtg like this although it is similar

thank you

In general (because there are an infinite number of switches) it isn’t worth making custom parts for them. Electrically the Taiway switch listed above will do what you need the only thing that would change is the breadboard view (and as noted that isn’t worth the work involved.) To do even that much we would need a data sheet for the exact switch you want. There isn’t enough information here to do much of anything.


the below is the link and image of the exact switch, could you help if possible?
Rocker switch | 3D CAD Model Library | GrabCAD
Rocker Switch 09 | 3D CAD Model Library | GrabCAD

Not sufficient information here to do anything with. To make a part (assuming I am willing to make a part!) I would need a data sheet for the switch you want with dimension and connection information to make the part (in this case where both the switch connections connect to the pins and where the illumination connects to the pins.)