Moving pin location in parts editor

Good morning, beginner here I have a question about the parts editor. how do I or can I move the pins on a core part to create a new part in the editor? For instance the red led in the core bin is incorrect and I would like to correct it for my own use not to publish but for myself. Another example is a 6mm potentiometer, can I move a pin in the editor and save it as a new part, if so how? is there a tutorial available someone can point me to? Thanks in advance if someone knows of one or can provide an answer.

That requires a drawing change, which is a bit complex. FZ parts editor can add the drawings, but not make them.

Parts editor won’t deal with the LED it is a bendable leg part and parts editor doesn’t support bendable legs. If you tell me what is wrong with the LED I’ll fix it up for you (bendable legs is no place to start learning part creation :slight_smile: .) If there are things wrong in core parts (and there are lots) please document them here, as parts updating (unlike development) is still working and we can update broken parts, assuming we can find someone to do the work.