Micro sdCard Part

In another link, I posted info on the sdCard Adapter I use (senmod sdhc adapter). I’ve used them enough now that I decided to make a ‘Part’ for it.

• I like big pads so, the pads are for my preference and my cause you DRC errors (depending upon your DRC settings). My DRC settings are for 0.010 inch Keepout to avoid error. (FYI - you can ignore these errors and export the gerbers).

• I prefer to lay the adapter parallel with the PCB using a 90º Pin Header. Therefore, in the PCB layout, the Pin’s are reversed and enclosed in a dashed box. The Breadboard and Schematic views are as normal. As there are no internal connections, you can ignore pin labels and hook-up as you prefer. Of course, you don’t need to lay it parallel to PCB - your preference…

• I also prefer larger text so the pin#'s are readable.

my_sdCard.fzpz (10.5 KB)

Looks good other than the pins in schematic aren’t on the .1 grid which most of the other parts are. It will work fine as is but the connecting lines to other parts will be bent a bit in schematic.


Thanks. That’s weird!! I figured out what happened… Inkscape changed the units from inch to px when I re-opened the file and the dim’s shifted… I reset them to be 0.1". It looks correct in the schematic view now.

my_sdCard.fzpz (10.4 KB)

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Yep that looks to have gotten it. I’ve been bitten by that more than once. When you save the file (and sometimes when you change between drawing elements I think) Inkscape changes back to px as the units. I usually catch it when I move something with the tool bar and it doesn’t move the correct distance.