Making a SK6812 LED Part


I’ve been looking for a part for the individual LEDs found in WS2812B LED strips. I think these are pretty much SK6812 LEDs? I’ve been working on the different SVGs needed, so I think I got the breadboard/schematic/pcb/icon ready.

Though I’m having trouble importing the PCB view. I get an error saying that there are no copper layers defined in the SVG.

I’ve attached the files I’m using, first time using this program and first time creating a part so I’m not sure if I’m doing it correctly. (There’s multiple different PCB related files, tried different ones but same error for all.)

Edit: These are 5050, RGBW, I used the datasheet found here:

SK6812 Files.fzpz (14.6 KB)

Welcome aboard. First suggestion would be always do a google search of the form “fritzing part SK6812” to see if there already is such a part (in this case there isn’t under that label, but there is in core parts under the alternate name “ws2812b” or “5050 led” (as well as the various smaller sizes). That said, your pcb svgs are missing the necessary copper1 group (the fzpz file is also missing the fzp file which also needs to be correctly configured), and the pads should be filled rectangles to solder to not have an open center. While I could correct that, a much easier solution is to use the ws2812b part in core parts (enter ws2812b in the parts search box and press enter and it will come up.) To learn to make parts (which is fairly complex), you can edit it in the new parts editor. Save file (which will put it in your mine parts bin) then right click on the part and select export part which will write a fzpz which will contain an example of a correct smd pcb svg. There are tutorials on making Fritizing parts in the forums here as well (these two apply to the current Fritzing version, most others are for older versions):