Looking for NPK Soil Sensor (JXBS-3001-NPK-RS)

Hello @vanepp ,
I am looking for JXBS-3001-NPK-RS part as a .fzpz file for a project. I could not find the datasheet for it. This is the only link I could find: https://5.imimg.com/data5/SELLER/Doc/2022/6/XB/EU/YX/5551405/soil-sensor-jxbs-3001-npk-rs.pdf


The pdf has all the information required to make a part so here is one.

JXBS-3001-NPK-RS.fzpz (7.9 KB)


Thank You , for the help :+1:

@vanepp Hello, can you help to readjust the size of the npk sensor, make it standard, it looks too big for the RS485. Thank you!

The sensor was built from this jpeg image from the manual for the JXBS-3001-NPK-RS

and thus should be the correct size of the actual part. That said it is relatively easy (if non standard) to scale the breadboard image to another size, but it shouldn’t be necessary unless the size of the sensor has changed for some reason (which seems unlikely.)


@vanepp Because Im using the npk sensor together with the ESP32, and when connecting the circuit it seems like the sensor is too big.

Is it possible to help me to smaller the size of the sensor? maybe three times smaller than the original size?

As I said, the sensor is the size it is in real life (which is typical of parts) however it is relatively easy to reduce it in size if you want. I will do that (probably tomorrow at this point) and post it.


I see, thank you so much for your explanation!

OK here is a new part with the sensor made smaller (which doesn’t match real life!)

JXBS-3001-NPK-RS-smaller.fzpz (8.1 KB)

It looks like this compared to the original