Looking for Lilygo T-Display-S3

Howdy, would some kind soul please lend a hand and make a fzpz for the Lilygo T-Display-S3.

Let me know if there is anything else I would need to provide.

Thanks kindly,

Will this existing part do what you want (I am too lazy to check)?

note the first part is the wrong one, the T display is down the list of posts.


I dont believe so, the pinouts are quite different.


This should do what you want.

edit: Corrected an error, there is only one 5V pin not 2, there are 3 3V pins not 2.

lilygo_t-display-S3.fzpz (8.6 KB)


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Lovely, thank you Peter.

I just corrected the part. There is an error in the power pins, I had set 2 pins to 5V when there should only be one. So you need to download the part again to get the corrected version. A delete minus will delete the part but leave the traces if you have already used it in a sketch.