Looking for "Generic" SD Card Part

Hoping someone may be able to help…

I’m looking for this part - for what it’s worth, I only needs PCB view:

Seems to be a generic SD Card Reader with dozens of practically identical clones

I did try to make a part but it’s driving me insane!! I’m used to editing specific parts to fit my needs when the overall size doesn’t change, but the closest I could find is the Sparkfun 544 part - but it’s irritating me so much! So hoping someone has the part or can make it?

My issues by the way are, I’m on macOS Ventura, using Illustrator 2023. The DPI is set to 72DPI. The problem I’m having is that sizes seem to be off. Take the Sparkfun board for example, in Fritzing it’s about 21.3mm x 20mm, but in Illustrator it’s showing as about 26mm x 25mm. Upon looking at other existing parts that are “perfect in fritzing” already used on many boards I’ve had made, it appears when I open the SVG into Illustrator, the size in millimeters is always incorrect. Meaning the long and short of it is, there’s been no issues when making minor changes that did not alter any sizing, but now I actually want to make a new part / edit a part and change sizes, I literally have no idea what “scale” is being used since there’s about a 5mm ish discrepancy between fritzing & illustrator :frowning:

EDIT: Just looked with InkScape, it seems to have correct measurements but unfortunately it has some issues with macOS Ventura according to their site! Not to mention I’m so used to illustrator that I literally can’t find how to do anything I want :man_facepalming:

Your likely problem is the dimensions are in px in the svg and Fritzing guesses at the DPI setting (which is needed to get real world dimensions.) If you can figure out how to make Illustrator use in or mm as the dimensions (I can’t see a way in their documentation, but I use Inkscape!) or start from an svg dimensioned in inches that may work. I’ll have a look at your sd card there are a bunch around (a google search for “fritzing part SD reader” is likely a good start!)

This (in Inkscape which is 96DPI when Fritzing will guess either 72DPI or 90DPI both of which are incorrect here!) will break as It will be the wrong scale when imported to Fritzing:

this will work (because an inch is DPI independent!)


I’ll take a look at the InkScape DPI settings as per your screenshots. Although I can’t fathom out how to change the “Artboard” size!?

I have already spent a good hour or 2 looking for an SD Card that matches the footprint of the products I linked but can’t find anything.

Well, I found a few articles by “randomnerdtutorials” who seems to have a fritzing part of the specific SD Card Module I need here: ESP32: Guide for MicroSD Card Module Arduino | Random Nerd Tutorials BUT doesn’t share the FZZ files or Parts (there’s also numerous comments on numerous articles asking for the part with no response to anyones request)

This part should do what you want:

Micro_SD_card_reader.fzpz (6.4 KB)

These forum posts may help with Illustrator!

Illustrator settings for Fritzing:

setting Illustrator to mm or in!


Above and beyond as always, thank you so much, part is perfect

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