Looking for fritzing part

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for this part

Here is the picture

Thanks in advance

Insufficient information. We would need a web site with mechanical and connection data or at least a part number to look up the web site for ourselves …
A google search of the form “fritzing part model-number” (where model number is the name of the part) will turn up any parts that have been made.



I recently logged in to find some other information and noticed this post. Wow, that is an old part. I remember seeing it way back when. It is from the Atlas Scientific’s Electrical Conductivity Kit (i.e. E.C. Circuit V 3.0) and it has been retired for a while.

If you open up the Fritzing App, look under your parts bin under Atlas Scientific (probably the 9th icon down and it looks like a circular, green logo) and it should be in there. Or do a search for “conductivity circuit.”

It looks like Atlas Scientific is on V6.3. Doing another search, it looks like vanepp made one a few years ago for the latest and greatest EZO-EC right hmueeeere => https://forum.fritzing.org/t/atlas-scientific-parts/12701/4 . Just look for “Atlas-Conductivity-Circuit.fzpz”.