Looking for DS3231 circuit as a part


I am looking for the following DS3231 circuit as a fritzing part:

I have found this link but the part I can download is not the same as the image suggests.

So far I LOVE fritzing, looks like an amazing tool to use, but I think that creating a new part is an overly convoluted process, requires 3rd party applications, instead of just having a simple part editor. Is this true, or its just me not understanding what we have.

Thanks a lot!

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Well, after making more research I must say that the counterintuitive part editing is really a dealbreaker for Fritzing. While it is a lovely and nice looking application if there is no way to add parts in an easy manner (such as PCB123, or Eagle), then you are limited to use that handful of built in components. :frowning:

except if I misunderstand something…

I found the part: ZS-042_RTC_Module.fzpz (179.2 KB)
I got it from this link: http://omnigatherum.ca/wp/?p=87
Hope it helped!

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Yeap, its exactly what I was looking for. Thanks mate!

No problem. :wink: Just in case you want it, I made a part for the DS3231 as a chip, without the breakout.
DS3231.fzpz (8.7 KB)

The part mentioned above (ZS-042_RTC_Module.fzpz) is very accurate and nice, but I made my own, which has fewer details and a bit bigger dimensions: DS3231 AT24C32 Real Time Clock.fzpz (12.9 KB)

It’s not that hard when you know how, it’s just that there is no comprehensive instruction for making parts.

You are always going to pay a price for the advanced graphics and the convenience of 3 circuit views automatically linked, but that’s what makes it a better system that beginners pickup a lot quicker.

If you are an Inkscape expert that drawing is a snap to make, and the rest is just manipulating nodes in Inkscape’s XML editor to the standard Fritzing likes, which doesn’t require any XML coding knowledge. Then you just do touchups in Fritzing Part Editor.

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