Little help of selecting the right relais on created print

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I have an odd question for an issue which is really a pain in the but…

I’ve created my first simple Fritzing PCB and I’m really impressed how easy the process from developing until delivering was. But I’ve placed holes for a few relais which I can not find.

Can someone point me to which relais I can use on this board? I need a 24VDC relais.

2105150939.fzz (22.3 KB)

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Wesley Franken

It has the look like Sparkfun no longer sells the com-00101 relay (it shows in the retired section on their web page.) That means you need to select another relay either from Sparkfun or elsewhere and then find or make a Fritzing part for that relay. It is not clear from this sketch what the 24V relay means. Is the coil driven by 24V (the Com-00101 was a 5V coil relay not 24V) is the drive AC or DC? As well in the sketch the schematic is not entirely routed making it difficult to tell if the board is in fact correct.


This print I created is to control a 230V electric fan that is controlled by an 0-10V signal. The board I created makes it possible to do this. Basically it is 4 in one voltage divider.

I do apologize, I do need to complete the schematic, I did the design in PCB mode.

So you probably want a 12V DC relay (assuming the 10V signal is DC) with 230V contacts of a suitable current capacity. Once you have selected a relay, then you need to find or make a Fritzing part for it which has a suitable pcb foot print. Then you need to substitute that part in to your sketch as it probably won’t be the same as the Sparkfun part.

Nothing wrong with that, but it is easy to make a mistake in pcb mode and not see it. If you complete schematic and schematic matches what you expect, it means there is more chance that the circuit is correct.

edit the Songle relay (and Fritzing part) here may do what you need:


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Rookie mistake not to check availability. I’ve now created a new PCB witch a relay socket of one that is available.