LinkIt One Development Board

Does anyone know where I can download and import a LinkIt One development board part?


If you didn’t find it on Google by adding Fritzing, or .fzpz, or .fzz, or trying image and seeing if you can see it, there probably isn’t one.

Looks like a lot of work unless you do a very basic BB view, but it kind-of looks like a Mega2560 so maybe other views might be easier.

There appears to be one (google finds images of it and references to it on a search for fritzing part linkit one) but I don’t see a fzpz file available anywhere. I’d suggest asking and/or searching in the forums on the linkit one site as it seems the people that make the board have used the fritzing part and therefore may know where to get it. It isn’t impossible to make one, but it would be easier to find the one that has been made if possible.


Not impossible: LinkIt One Github. If he doesn’t had luck getting the .fzpz file, I think I could replicate it based on that information :blush:

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An excellent idea if he can’t get the existing one (and maybe even if he can :slight_smile: ). That is win-win, you get experience making parts and he gets the part he needs. I still usually learn new things when making or correcting posted parts for people in here (often some new xml construct that Fritzing doesn’t support but is legal xml). For someone who needs one new part learning part creation may not be an option in such a case a couple of us here tend to make the part for them and more people doing that helps fritzing.


I’ve seen a few images out there that look like they were made from Fritzing on the MediaTek site:

I put up a post on the MediaTek site as well asking. No response yet.

Looks like someone made a part because there is a FZ BB and SCH view, the problem is finding it. It could be a part(.fzpz), or in a sketch(.fzz), or in MediaTek bin(.fzp), LinkIt One bin, SeedStudio bin, who knows. Even the BB svg would be enough because the other views aren’t that hard.

Looking at it it looks like a UNO header pin pattern on a MEGA2560 PCB. Do you have one to measure the length - I think all Ardunios are the same width -. The MEGA is 101.5mm longest length.

Found the datasheet and it’s 3.3" x 2.1" or 83.82mm x 53.34mm, shorter tha MEGA.

I knew I had seen the same post around here :laughing:. I was looking for the file in order to help you but instead, just got a bunch of topics related to projects developed on the LinkIt One board (even on chinese websites).

If MediaTek doesn’t share it, let us know. As I stated abovr, the brradboard can be easily achieved using those breadboard diagrams along with the github documentation.

It looks like an green UNO from the USB side to the 2 holes on the notch side but extended 0.6", so I did that and removed some nodes. Anybody want to make it pretty.
As usual change the .fzz to .svg. How are people directly posting svg images here.
LinkIt One.fzz (224.8 KB)
EDIT - New upload because I forgot to change the headers to yellow.

I notice Seeedstudio makes it, did anyone look there for the part.

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You just upload it like you would an fzz file. If the image appears tiny or invisible it is becasue the size needs to be changed. In the data the forum generates around the upload it will have the dimensions and often it is only 1x1 which is 1pixel by 1pixel. You just scale up the numbers to something around 300. In this case it is 3x2 which i scaled up to 300x200

LinkIt One

This is what it looks like after upload.

![LinkIt One|3x2](upload://z3oDeY5fptfdCle0QkTiVWcU9XC.svg)

This is after I changed the dimensions.

![LinkIt One|300x200](upload://z3oDeY5fptfdCle0QkTiVWcU9XC.svg)

I thought I could see a tiny green box when I tried.

If no one wants to fix it up I’ll try latter, it’s just that I’m not good a text and logo so I might have to leave them off.

Yes, it’s not there nor on the media one site that I could see although there was apparently one at some point (perhaps not public though).


Looking at it, seems good enough :smiley: I can add the branding stuff and also some extra features.

What is the first logo? I can’t find it. I got already mediatek labs and linkit.

EDIT: Nevermind, found the logo inside seed_arch_breadboard file.

Thanks! This is a really fun board and I appreciate your help making a part for it!

As a contribution here is Old_Grey’s svg rescaled and with the lipo battery and grove connectors added. The pins need to be renumbered starting from zero and the other two views added. Easiest to do that by parts edit a 48 pin generic Ic then swap Old_Grey’s svg and then modify the schematic and pcb svgs (which will have the correct pins defined) either by hand or via parts editor which ever works for you. Note the names on the pins are incorrect as well. As usual rename the fzpz to .svg to get the svg.

LinkIt One


EDIT: I fixed the image size. (Sublime)

Where it is? I just added the logos already to the Old_Grey’s svg.

Also I will add those logos here as .AI files to save us time. Due to Seedstudio using a premium font (Riona Sans I think) for their branding logos, I had to remake them based on vectorized png. The result is very close to the original font.

img_linkit.fzz (5.0 KB)
linkit_one_logo.fzz (6.7 KB)
seed_logo_2.fzz (1.2 KB)
seed_logo.fzz (729 Bytes)

My bad, didn’t check the upload. I think the svg is actually that little blip if you right click and save as svg (I forgot to rename the file it looks like). In any case here is a
copy with the fzpz extension.

LinkIt One.fzpz (156.0 KB)


Can’t open it, getting an error message Failed to load:

Happens to me as well. The original is fine, so it was the upload somehow. The forum seems to be detecting this is Old_Grey’s file and substituting it in place of mine. This one LinkIt One_mod.fzz is really zipped so you will need to unzip it which should give you the svg.

LinkIt One_mod.fzz (17.0 KB)


I don’t know what is going on but all I could download was Van’s 1st small green dot. All the rest open with an error.

Now that I know how to modify paths, tell me and I will extend the UNO PCB view in that same way for the LinkIt PCB view.