LEGO Powered up parts

i am looking for LEGO specific parts:
We Do
Powered up

like Hubs and Motors

Thanks in advance

Welcome aboard. To my surprise a google search for “fritzing part lego powered up motor” actually got at least one useful hit. In

if you donwload the tank.fzz (Fritzing Sketch) file for the project and load it in to Fritzing in the temp parts bin you will find Fritzing parts for two motors and a power device of some kind. You can either move them to your mine parts bin or right click and export part to save a .fzpz file of the part to disk. If you need more things, if you post a pointer to the data sheet of the part you want I will have a look at how easy or possible, (some things don’t have enough information available to make Fritzing parts) it would be to make a part. If those parts aren’t working they can be repaired (because the source code is in the part file) if you post the problem and preferably the .fzpz file for the broken part here. along with an explanation of is wrong.


Have a look here:

The main thing I don’t see on that site (although they must know it, so perhaps I’m just not seeing it) is what the various pins are for. For a Fritzing part we need to know what the wires on the connector do to know what to connect it to. We also need the dimensions of the part to make a breadboard image for it. A quick glance at the parts in the tank.fzz file indicates the motors have power, two control signals or motor connections (as they appear to be connected to a motor driver in the sketch, in which case I don’t understand the purpose of the 9V and ground pins.) plus two possibly unconnected pins (since they don’t appear to have connections.) This is the kind of information needed to make parts. I’ve made Lego like motor parts, see for instance

which uses the Yahboom Lego compatible motors and a Super:bit driver board for the Micro:bit (and which are a lot cheaper than the Lego prices I saw :slight_smile: ) The motors available in the tank.fzz should do for most of the motors (to Fritzing a motor is a motor most of the time.) Are there other things that you want parts for?


Hello Peter, meaning of pins are described here:

Nevertheless, you are right : As a simple schema i have found all what i wan’t if i have time i will creta emissing styles of parts as a friting training by myself.
I Have also found an Motor symbol with 6 wires simulating encoder / sensor conector.

Yes I found that later. However that doesn’t describe the connector on the motors in the tank sketch, either those parts are incorrect or there is another (perhaps older?) standard that isn’t in the document. The pins in the Fritzing parts for power and control don’t match the pin listing for the connector. If you need help with parts creation (which s fairly complex) feel free to ask. We don’t mind at all helping people make new parts.


Testing svg upload:


File should show above