KY-033 Line tracing Sensor

Hello world,
It was just a while when i discovered this fascinating software while i’m doing research on my university graduation project .My project is about making a line following robot based on Arduino and infrared sensors. we’re doing great lately :relaxed: .we made all the schematics using Fritzing and we were amazed by the smoothness and the potential that you can get with .thanks to people and developers there that are contributing to this amazing platform .so i thought i could make also a small contribution as i’m quite good at designing i designed my sensors used on the project they are known as KY-033 well it’s just a module the combine TCRT5000 infrared proximity sensor and a potentiometre that can adjust it’s sensibility .I barely understand how the parts editor works so i just copied some other files and worked on it . i hope that someone could correct the technical issues because i saw alot of people asking for it
KY-033_Line_Tracing_Sensor.fzpz (8.7 KB)