Is there someone who has the model part for GSM module sim900a?

it looks like this

here is the datasheet for the part:

No because you are the first person to actually provide a data sheet to a specific part (although it lacks the board dimensions). I’ll make one but it is probably going to take a while because there are a number of other things I need to do first. See this thread for the previous go around


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thanks man! you the best

This part should do for anyone that wants one of the Sim900A modules. It appears to cover the common ones on ebay amazon et. al. Note that pcb view is suppressed as not useful.

sim900a-module.fzpz (16.0 KB)


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where do you want to use this module? As I know, it works only in Asia! Or you have to flash another software for using in Europa for example. I bought SIM900 - without the “A”. But it was flashed as SIM900A. And I had about 2 or 3 days with testing and trying.

I didn’t know that it only works in Asia, but I’m from the Philippines and it works just fine for us.

thanks again vanepp, you’re really the best