Help for (GSM SIM900A) Part

Has anyone created GSM SIM900A part?..if not then could someone please create it for me?

There doesn’t appear to be a sim900a part, but there is a sim800l part referenced here which may do:

Assuming that isn’t what you want, do you want the actual module or a breakout board with the module? I see both available in a google search. Best bet is a pointer to the data sheet for what you want.


If you found the part, could you send it to me? Because I need it for my project. Thanks!

If the referenced SIM800L part won’t do, if you have a url to the data for the part you want to use a part can be made but we need the mechanical data for the module you want to use to make a part.


Hi Peter, is this enough for the mechanical data of sim900A?


No. The “link” to the GSM900A module on amazon does a general search which does not specify one particular GSM module (which is required to make a part.) Something like this with a flat image of the module and what all the connections do and where they are is needed to make a part.

Typically the web site for the exact module you want to use will be enough information (but not always!)


Hello, would this be enough?

Nope. The data sheet is for the chip and the first article has neither the size of the module nor a list of the connections both of which are needed to make a part. It is possible I could find another web site that has this particular module but I’m probably too lazy …


Thanks for replying. What about this? I think this is the one. Hopefully :joy:

Nope. You need a site like this:

that describes the module you have. Specifically one that has the physical dimensions of the board and a flat square (not tilted as the image in the above link) as well as the pin positions and names like this (from the above web site.) I don’t think this matches the boards you have shown though, so we need one for the specific board you want.

This is also a suitable image for making a part as it is flat and shows the placement of the components and the position of the connectors (as well as their name/use.)