Is there a 10V (100mA) power supply part in fritzing?

For (the schematics of) an assignment, I am looking for something that could function as a 10V (100mA) power supply? But so far, I haven’t been able to find a part for it. I like using the breadboard to schematics capabilities of fritzing, but without the parts I need for this one, I will end up having to use some other software.

Below is the example image provided to us in the assignment.

On a side note: Not sure what I am going to use for Vout yet.

The picture says Vin = 12V, but we did the assignment with 10V as was specified in a referenced handout and already did the calculations and measurements for that voltage.

I don’t know of a bench supply like part (although one would be easy enough to make). There is a generic open frame power supply available, and I just made another one with a different pcb for someone a while back:

For Vout a google search for “fritzing part mulitmeter” turns up several, I remember finding one for some one a couple of years ago (may have been breadboard only which is all he wanted) so they are around. There is a 3 wire ebay type module voltmeter here: