3 Wire 3 digit LED voltmeter

A 3wire 3 digit LED voltmeter. Available from Ebay in various voltage ranges (I favor the 0 to 9.99V ones) and various colors (red, yellow, green and blue). These particular ones are sans bezel (although the bezels are currently available on Ebay as well, and may be a better bet). There is at least one different mounting ear arrangement available (the part I cloned this from has different mounting ears). This one is (hopefully anyway) mechanically accurate in the breadboard and PCB views. The mounting ear holes are set as holes on the pcb so you should (as long as I got it correct :slight_smile: ) be able to mount it on standoffs. Won’t know for sure until I or one of you cuts a board and verifies.
All three views (breadboard, schematic and pcb) are present and have been tested by adding 3 single pin connectors to the sketch and connecting them to the pins. All pins align on the .1 grid as they should.

(Edit: I have replaced the original with a corrected version mostly for errors in the pcb section)

Voltmeter_3wire_led_1.fzpz (10.3 KB)

Peter Van Epp

Thanks it works in my design!